The West African Dogon: Tracking The Pale Fox 1931-1983(subtitled)

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French Documentary on the Dogon with english subtitles…

The Dogon are an ethnic group living in the central plateau region of Mali, south of the Niger bend near the city of Bandiagara in the Mopti region.Certain researchers investigating the Dogon have reported that they seem to possess advanced astronomical knowledge, the nature and source of which has subsequently become embroiled in controversy. From 1931 to 1956 the French anthropologist Marcel Griaule studied the Dogon. This included field missions ranging from several days to two months in 1931, 1935, 1937 and 1938] and then annually from 1946 until 1956. In late 1946 Griaule spent a consecutive thirty-three days in conversations with the Dogon wiseman Ogotemmêli, the source of much of Griaule and Dieterlen’s future publications. They reported that the Dogon believe that the brightest star in the sky, Sirius (sigi tolo or ‘star of the Sigui’, has two companion stars, pō tolo (the Digitaria star), and ęmmę ya tolo, (the female Sorghum star), respectively the first and second companions of Sirius A. Sirius, in the Dogon system, formed one of the foci for the orbit of a tiny star, the companionate Digitaria star. When Digitaria is closest to Sirius, that star brightens: when it is farthest from Sirius, it gives off a twinkling effect that suggests to the observer several stars. The orbit cycle takes 60 years.They also claimed that the Dogon appeared to know of the rings of Saturn, and the moons of Jupiter.

Romanian: Confesses The Real Jews Are Black

US Peace Corps. volunteer, Jean Margaritis, at Tsepong Clinic in Leribe, Lesotho speaks of her experience coming to terms with Africa.  This video was inspired by this blog,  (a look at perceptions of Africans ?)

The Story of the Ancient Ewe Language

Svante Pääbo: DNA clues to our inner neanderthal

A look at origins of human beings presents “theories” that all people evolve from Africa but I challenge that grammatical misnomer and say, NO! we do not evolve from a land but instead other people.  Thus, all people must evolve of the African.  (since, Neanderthals were not found in Africa ?)

Neanderthal PEOPLE are Genetically NON-AFRICAN

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Neanderthal fossils have never been found in Africa, and modern Africans are the only people on earth with no Neanderthal DNA. Out-of-Africa hypothesis is based on blind faith and not factual evidence. It is a religion.

When they say “modern man” they are talking about Cro Magnon, who also did not originate in africa, which is clear by their RH negative blood type.

DNA Proves Chinese Are Of African Origin(Direct Descendants)

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A Nation of Ventriloquist Dummies…

The original, first, native, primitive inhabitants of China were black Africans who arrived there about 100,000 years ago and dominated the region until a few thousand years ago when the Mongol advance into that region began. These Africans who fled the Mongol onslaught can still be found in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands misnomer Nigritos or “small black men.” The Agta of the Philippines is one such example. Indeed archeology, forensic and otherwise confirm that China’s first two dynasties, the Xia and the Ch’ang/Sh’ang, were largely Black African with an Australoid, called “Madras Indian” or “Chamar” in Trinidad, present in small percentages. These Africans would carry an art of fighting developed in the Horn of Africa into China which today we call martial arts: Tai Chi, Kung fu and Tae Kwon Do. Even the oracle of the I-Ching came with a later African group, the Akkadians of Babylon. Around 500 BCE an African living in India called Gautama would establish a religion called Buddhism which would come to dominate Chinese thought. Any one who is in doubt should consult Geoffrey Higgins’s Anacalypsis, Albert Churchward’s Origin and Development of Religions, Gerald Massey’s, Egypt the Light of the World, Runoko Rashidi’s African Presence in Early Asia and J A Roger’s Sex and Race Vol. 1. Many Africans survived the Mongol invasion into the twentieth century only to be exterminated by Chairman Mao’s program of Cultural cleansing. Under this program millions of Africans and Afro-Asians were killed from 1951-1956. Contribute we still did, giving the People’s Republic of China its first Chief Minister in the name of Eugene Chen, a Trinidadian of George Street, Port-of-Spain, who was of an African mother and a Chinese father. The facts are well recorded in African, East Indian and African-American history books. China also has a series of pyramids and groups of people “minorities” in the South such as the Moi of Vietnam and the Nakhis of Southern China. Relatives of the Negritos (Andaman Association)… 1. The Malaysian Negrito 2. The Philippine Negrito 3. The Shompen of Great Nicobar 4. The Moken of the Burma Coast 5. The Vedda of Sri Lanka 6. The Veddoid of Southern India 7. The Dravidians of India 8. The Naga of India 9. The Kubu of Sumatra and others 10. The Ayome of New Guinea and others 11. The Papuans of Papua-NewGuinea 12. The Melanesians of the Pacific 13. The Australian Aborigines 14. The Tasmanians 15. The Khoisan of South Africa 16. The Pygmies of Central Africa 17. Negritos in Japan and China 18. Negritos in the Americas and “Luzia” In my research, I find that most people don’t know there were several dynasties in China that were ruled by Blacks: 1. XIA Dynasty (c.2205-1766 B.C.)the first dynasty founded by Blacks 2. Shang/Yin Dynasty (c.1700-1050 B.C.) Black/Negroid people who were referred to as Asyi and Yueh are found in Chinese records. 3. ZHOU Dynasty went to African by way of Iran 4. Shang Dynasties: Shang-Li (ruled by the Li-Qiang (Black) East Y (Black) The totem, “Blackbird” was a Black ethnic group in China. The LiMin were Blacks who were associated with Yao, a Black Chinese hero. The Lapita is the earliest known Black/Negroid culture in Indo-China (1600-1200 B.C.)though the DNA (HLA Antigen) dates back prior to 9000 B.C.