Recently, this writer was assaulted by the Police in his own home. The witnesses that were present during the police assault were shocked. Their shock came due to a variety of elements that were facts about the Breach including how this writer does not look anything like the “alleged-person” in question, but besides that, the Police Officers had his photo, his apartment unit number, and one of them had been there under a week ago. In fact, the gentleman that the Police were looking for was picked up close to week prior and it is assumed that the ‘alleged-person’ had his photograph was taken at the Police station. (Maybe not, but this writer was informed that the Police did have a photograph).

First, lets establish some facts,

I was fortunate enough to do my paperwork with some swiftness, and had it stamped at the Law department with the city of Vancouver. Time is always of the essence and although most people have 6 months to about a year to file a claim, this writer is set on establishing some secure grounds for his estate.

Others were sent this audio to hear it and most of the comments from the Police took them by surprise but the video/audio is worth watching for yourself. Although the seriousness of the breach has established a claim for tender, it may well be noted that an extreme educational reform must be established by private people with the efforts of creating balance.




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