Life is a type of dynamic that deals with agreements. Henceforth, we have the LAWS of the Universe, Quantum, Nature’s Law, Man’s Law, Mathematical Laws, Treaties, Statues, Acts, bylaws and much more details of the lives that are bound by rules and behavior.

Life is still in most cases, worth living for and certainly not at the expense of someone else. Self management and duty is a matter of knowing these laws of the universe, or some honorable format or tool that shows order and balance, that’s where we have a win / win situation for all parties.

Life is typical of a mysterious contract sorted out by different Languages that meet in our physical lives and creates a great deal of attention towards always striving for “security” in many senses of the word.

“Consult your Life” is a blog that offers consulting with “whole” approach to life performance, as it relates to deficit vs grants. Simply, this is a consulting medium for optimization of possible and current goals. So, if you’re gonna do anything, do it for life’s sake.

So what does that mean, really?

Simply, that Contract Law is the rule in commerce and we all are surrounded within it. (The ‘Holy See’ of Maritime Admiralty Law, otherwise knows as “diplomacy is found from the barrel of a gun” or Canons of Law.) Contracting in general is every one’s right and knowing is half of the agreement. Generally speaking, the difference in Legislation and Law is based on the participation of the will of the individual and/or estate through administrative procedures.

This public bulletin is the public-security for all public-civil-service-workers for accounting under the terms of agreements in the Bankruptcy and Insolvent States of our World Corporations. This electronic medium is used for the security of the mentioned Estate herein. This is public-notice for the blog evolution for transparent general & accounting practices.

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