A call to ALL for Correcting Wrongdoers 

When “one” nows how to set-up claims properly, (in part) the method is surely knowing the difference between civil (public) and criminal  (private) procedure. (but do not get ahead of yourself, these criminal elements in office will make it tough for you to expose. fortunately, even criminals have a large fear of oversight committees responsible for the “books” and some of those agents happen to be the Internal Revenue Agency (yes!, thats right, even here in Canada – (did you not review the crux of the FATCA report?) and/or, how are you not aware of the Administration that puts your “public” into commercial operation? – more on that later)

Of course, whats been stumping the lot of us, here, in “the” Canada is the proper procedure both for “Administrative Accounting” and “Administrative Procedure”.    Many people have known and do know that the system is stacked in favour of Administrative Criminals using reflexive law to shame the innocent while they, the “trustees in bankruptcy” are refusing to follow the letter of the law and perform the set-offs correctly, but instead are lure some into discharge (while bringing the charges back in the near future), and simply acting via public mischief and gross breach.

The unfortunate element in the game, are the so many who believe (those who are believers are those that believe in lies as the root of the word belief comes from belie), and do nothing to certify their beliefs and the system in general, whether that be commercial indoctrination (not knowing how money is created), religious indoctrination (not knowing who controls all three major religions), historical indoctrination (not knowing who the progenitors of all man are), literacy indoctrination (not knowing the difference between connotative and denotative linguistics)…etc…

These unfortunate elements serve these criminals in office, simply by their ignorance and refusal to certify and verify their belief systems and do their duty to correct wrongdoers.  Correcting wrongdoers may be to hard for the many people as that would subject their level of comfort to some real work and effort, while the central element of crime is prevalent in their faces, yet most would rather turn a blind eye, go and pray to some random and fictitious god (as though they are so helpless they can not do anything and work their brains to help correct the wrongdoers), or even go and serve in public office to continue and keep the fraud going themselves…

The task of changing our planet begins with everyone, not those in office, as you can see (the ones in office are relying on everyone’s complacency to continue the fraud) is what what happened in Iceland.  The real point of this introduction to the video below is world commercial responsibility as a starting point for everyone, not a few.  We need to stop being belligerent and stop arguing especially in court, and perform some real administration of our property once we grasp what that is.

This message is for everyone, especially the public servants working in complete denial of their contributions to a system that was designed to have balance but is now out of order and in part due to them (the wilfully blind public servants, the fearful public servants, the criminal public servants, the despondent public servants, the ignorant public servants, and of course, all the mentally lazy (and somewhat brain-dead) citizens who do not know what else to call themselves but Canadian Citizens, aka a corporate citizen and a slave to NOT administering their guarantor: Canada.

REMEMBER THIS, IF NOTHING ELSE, it is each man and woman’s responsibility to help fix the problem! Start by being in the know, at least that itself, will bring you back into the proper perspective so you can void being used to the point of loosing your will power completely.


The people whom this video will be of great and important value; FORENSIC AUDITORS, CAFR INVESTIGATORS, SENATE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEES, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICES: Criminal Investigation Divisions, INSURANCE COMPANIES, UNITED NATIONS Human Rights Commissioners, (Those who know who to create proper claims), ALL BUSINESS OWNERS, POLICE OFFICERS (so they know to stop feeding the liabilities and stay out of harm’s way).. all private-citizens and private-persons.


THIS VIDEO IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR BELLIGERENT DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, as you people do NOT understand how to control your magnetic output and use your brains to do any administration, reports (like filing your books to report for lose, so the administrative accountants can go after the proper criminals), but instead you call yourselves such foolish terms that remove you from your administrative duty.


Thanks for and to the creator of the video, who has passed to the other side now. All his work, is mostly appreciate and is a complement to the Commercial Banking model for Peace, Order and Good Government.  Thanks for and to everybody posting these videos everywhere, worldwide and thanks to the ones who actually contributed the video.

Published on Sep 9, 2014

A beginners map of how wrongdoers utilize the art of unlawful trespass and conversion to steal your sweat equity. You will learn how torts, breach of trust, and defalcation impacts your everyday life. Material provides endless opportunity to establish yourself as a complainant to pave the way to claims. Elect Platinum Party approves this message. FORM E-206 Evidence of Life

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