FATCA report 

MANY LEGAL ENTITIES worldwide, are stuck in a banking system administered by the IRS branch of the International Monetary System. In that system, they are all considered US persons or citizens.  Since banks are not using their national governments as their own source to create funds (and simply stop taxing people…well technically, they do not tax people, they tax persons), the people are being duped to give up their nationality for being a US person or citizen.  Although the FATCA is rolled out as going after taxpayers, it is so general that over the years it will apply across the board under people giving away their consent since they know not to study commerce/law/history.  A tax payer essentially is someone who has given up their nationality (even if you if one is unaware of it.).  This is not as simple as it sounds or appears when people do not understand the words.  Its a bait and switch, and most people never realize to look for the solution in the actual nest of the hunter; 28 USC. Chapter 97 § 1603-1611. When this is understood, the form required to make the notice (registration to them; IRS, since they are the international registry that the banks and governments register with…) is the SS4 for the appropriate account and new “trusting” relationship, so they (IRS) may present you with the proper confirmation to return back to your bank who is acting is the with-holding agent to cease. In Canada, the same reference to immunity for one’s proper status is found in the State Immunities Act.