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    The Purpose Of The Oath of Allegiance In Canada 

    Published on Aug 23, 2013

    NAU Resistance made this video using private emails exchanged between us, without notifying me that this would be done. I do not now, nor do I ever condone using my private emails to make videos, or to otherwise publish them.

    However, I stand by my statements as copied & pasted by NAU Resistance to make this video; with one exception. I am constantly doing legal research. In the 2 years since this video was published by NAU Resistance, I have determined that the so-called “Patriation” of 1982 is void.

    The so-called “Canada Act” with its CHARTER and amending formula was outside the constitutional powers in the lawful Constitution of Canada, the British North America act, 1867 and the Statute of Westminster, 1931.

    It could not have been done even with “unanimous consent” by the federal level and all the provinces. Consent to do an illegal act does not legalize the act.

    The fact that United Kingdom Parliament purported to “pass” it cannot be relied on to legalize it, because Canada legally ceased being a “colony” in 1931 with the Statute of Westminster.

    Before that, UK Parliament could pass a statute into law “to remove doubts” about acts of colonial Executives. In effect, UK Parliament could retroactively “legalize” unconstitutional acts of its Colonial legislatures and governments.

    That power lapsed in 1931 when Canada legally attained FULL SOVEREIGNTY, meaning full international personality. UK could thus no longer wave its magic wand over Canada to declare illegal acts valid, as it did with the so-called Canada act, 1982.

    In addition, UK Parliament took the unusual step in the Statute of Westminster, 1931 of “binding itself” as to the LEGAL procedure for making SUBSTANTIVE LAW upon the “request and consent” of Canada for the purpose of adding AN AMENDING FORMULA to our lawful Constitution.

    Before UK Parliament was authorized to act on “request and consent” of Canada, it had a duty to first determine that such “request and consent” was lawfully made by duly constituted parties. It did not do so; and “passed” the Canada Act, 1982, nonetheless.

    The failure to comply with its own “manner and form requirement” for the making of LAW for Canada AT Canada’s “request and consent,” VOIDS the attempt to “pass” the Canada act, 1982. This is a very serious and very rare case, the only one so far that I am aware of.

    However, regardless that the Canada Act, 1982 is VOID, and we are living under an illegal Charter and an illegal Amending formula, and other complications too numerous to mention, the “immune system” of section 52 of the 1982 “de facto” constitution — which I mentioned in my email to NAU Resistance, does accurately state a principle of constitutional law.

    However, although this statement at s. 52 of how constitutional law works is accurate, it does not alter the fact that the Canada Act, 1982 itself is VOID.

    I will be throwing it out when I get to court in the general matter of HABEAS CORPUS CANADA.

    The original of this NAU Resistance video is here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnEarY…

    Kathleen Moore

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    David Hedgley, The Father Of 3D Graphics 


    This February as we celebrate the accomplishments of our forefathers and the legacy of Blacks in America; Lets not forget the many great Black men and women still living today. Dr. David R. Hedgley, Jr. is just such a person!

    Normally when we think of computers and technology, the images that come to mind are not those of a strong Black man. David Hedgley’s contributions to technology have earned this self-described “Renegade”, international recognition and acclaim. In 1985 he solved the decades old problem of computer graphics by developing the mathematical algorithm that would tell computers which lines on a computer screen could and couldn’t be seen from various perspectives (or what we call today 3D). As he explained in the March 1986 issue of Ebony magazine; “The program came under immediate fire from the scientific community and was not accepted for at least a year. There were people in the field who had constantly begged the issue, Hedgley recalls, They gave me a hard time saying we don’t believe you. Being a Black man your credibility is questioned anyway”.

    And if that wasn’t enough, to ensure his position in the technology hall of fame, Dr. Hedgley then came back in 1999 and created a formal algorithm for routing traces on a printed circuit board. Hedgley’s algorithm is so complex it required the invention of new symbols to explain the complexity of his work. Essentially what it does is cut down the time for finding a route on a circuit board exponentially Historically, most previous algorithms have been either very costly or very slow and usually both. This contribution will avoid both problems and as a result provide a framework for supporting the electrical parts and electrical components between circuit components.

    Dr. Hedgley explained to the readers of Ebony, that the road to success and acceptance had not been easy; “Computers were not on Hedgley’s mind when he was growing up. He was interested in linguistics but majored in biology and chemistry at Virginia Union University. Math came later and he earned a second bachelor’s degree in the discipline from Michigan State University. Hedgley taught school in Virginia for several years before moving to Ames to work as a computer programmer. I was able to not only do my job but other interesting things that I was not assigned. He says I got more and more into mathematics.”

    Even through he has proven his competence, Hedgley says that he is still perceived as a renegade. They [Whites] are not comfortable with me, because they have a slot they want me to fit in, but I don’t fit it. So it bothers them. Most Blacks who fit these slots do very well in the system because they acquiesce. I think it’s best to be moderately competent and not compromise your dignity as a man of woman than to be extremely competent and compromise because all you are doing is acquiescing and becoming an approximation of the standard. You can never meet the standard. My philosophy is to modify or expand it while being yourself.”

    Make sure you relay the accomplishments of Dr. David R. Hiedgley Jr. to your childeren and community this year and in years to come when we celebrate Black History Month. Let them know, that technology and computers would not be the same without him.


    The Father Of 3D Graphics; Hedgley.



    (The mathematical dissertation submitted to NASA)




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    Quiet Title Action Can Save Your Home 

    Published on Mar 11, 2013

    Attorney Carl Person outlines the various types of services seeking to obtain money from homeowners for assistance in stopping threatened foreclosures and why all but one type — the quiet title action — lacks the one feature that homeowners need to give them the best chance to obtain a reasonable loan modification agreement.
    This feature is being in litigation against the bank, either as a lawsuit brought by the homeowner against the claimed loan servicer and REMIC Trustee (the quiet title action) or by defending a foreclosure action brought against the homeowner (with counterclaims equivalent to a quiet title action). Person explains why litigation against the banks is far more helpful for the homeowner threatened with foreclosure than the various other non-litigation alternatives. Also, Person points out that critics
    of the quiet title action do not understand what they are and to some extent are snake-oil salespersons selling a service of dubious value to troubled homeowners. The quiet title action has comprehensive claims involving a declaratory judgment as to note ownership, chain of title, robo-signing, Articles 3 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, loan modification fraud, recovery of monthly payments made by mistake, principal reduction and note reformation, and deceptive business practices. The quiet title action has very little similarity to the quiet title action to resolve ownership issues in real estate.


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    Quiet Title – A lay man’s perspective on ‘property’ 

    Uploaded on Nov 16, 2010

    Quiet Title – If one person claims to be the owner of an interest in property, and another person claims to be the owner of an interest in the same property, and the two claims conflict, either may sue the other for a judgment resolving that conflict. The judgment will declare who owns what interest and may give other specific or preventive relief to the extent required under the circumstances.

    The action is called an action to quiet title because the effect of the judgment is to quiet adverse claimants to the rightful owner’s title (claim of ownership).

    The action is, in effect, a foreclosure action not unlike that which a secured lender might bring to collect the debt by foreclosing the borrower’s interest in the security (property).

    Thorough research is required. Some things may or may not be appropriate in bringing an action to quiet title. E.g. if the claimant lacks record title, a quiet title is considered inappropriate; sometimes there may be preliminary steps required before it can be brought, such as rescission.

    Angelo Trotter, in continual education of self, shares his research of coin, credit and circulation and how it relates to the current real property crisis from a lay man’s perspective.



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    Uploaded on May 27, 2011


    In Georgia, an employee of a document processing company, Linda Green, for years claimed to be executives of Bank of America , Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and dozens of other lenders while signing off on tens of thousands of foreclosure affidavits. In many cases, her signature appeared to be forged by different employees.

    Green worked for a foreclosure document company owned by Lender Processing Services. The company is being investigated by a U.S. attorney in Florida for allegedly using improper documentation to speed foreclosures.

    Lenders have already started to withdraw foreclosures that had Green’s name on them.


    Well, it looks like that Linda Green DID NOT HAVE AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER ASSETS!

    How much you want to bet that NO ONE at Docx had AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER ASSETS!

    Hell, how much you want to bet that most of these so called “Vice Presidents” had any authority!

    Are all of the foreclosures VOID due to fraud?



    The LINDA GREENS (?)

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    Trace Mayer : The Crypto-Wars – Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Transaction 


    Published on Jan 3, 2014

    Trace Mayer : The Crypto-Wars – Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Transaction

    Trace Mayer is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and ardent defender of the freedom of speech with degrees in Law and Accounting. He has studied Austrian Economics focusing on the work of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises and operates the privacy blog How To Vanish. He was among the first popular bloggers to publicly recommend Bitcoin in its infancy with a market cap under $2m and well before its massive rise over $2.5B in April 2013. He serves on the Editorial Board for the Bitcoin Magazine which receives millions of visitors per year and has presented on Bitcoin, both objectively and persuasively, to a wide variety of audiences including members of the Federal Reserve, Bundesbank, major financial institutions, HNWIs, IRS, FBI, conferences and many others.


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