Family Maintenance Enforcement Corruption In Canada – Maximus & Themis Exposed.

EVER BEEN IN A NEVER ENDING BATTLE WITH FMEP to a point where the majority of their actions have come to defined the line of constitutional violations and human rights violations?  The above link is a keeper and make sure to source it to your blog as well.

This Blog is dedicated to the financial destruction of Maximus Canada Inc. and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd., the people who created them, the people who operate them, and the people who profit from them.

Maximus and Themis are part of one of the greatest schemes of human rights violations in Canadian history.

Themis, under the leadership of Maximus, has destroyed and impoverished families throughout Canada.

By publishing the facts about Maximus and Themis we hope to educate the readers so that, over time, there will be a critical mass of public opinion and information that will lead to the downfall of this gangster operation.

If you have any information on, or personal experience with Maximus or Themis, the people who operate these notorious companies and profit from them, please share that information with us.
Information and knowledge are power and the more damaging information about Maximus and Themis that is published, the easier it will be to financially destroy these companies and the people associated with them.

Click here to read about the murder of the infamous Judge James Taylor who ordered Whistleblower Kevin Annett to shut his mouth.