Good faith and full Credit.


This is the official version of the “brutum fulmen”.
The versions have been made to present perspective for neutrality.

THIS VIDEO STARTS FROM the Beginning and moves forward – Official Version of; feb.27.2012.Assault.#4.Vancouver Police.

Black’s Law Dictionary, 4t Edition: “brutum fulmen”: “An empty noise; an empty threat. A judgment void
upon its face which is in legal effect no judgment at all, and by which no rights are divested, and from which none can be obtained; and neither binds nor bars anyone. Dollert v. Pratt-Hewitt Oil Corporation, Tex.Civ.Appl, 179 S.W.2d 346, 348. Also, see Corpus Juris Secundum, “Judgments” §§ 499, 512 546, 549.

COPS GONE WILD with no photo, (and NO description since they have already pickup the “person” earlier. Reality is, its a free-for-all, out there, with the application of raw-power through false pretense to enforce ‘Color-of-Law’), in this video of POLICE (POLICY) ACCOUNTING 101.

NOTICE: The video starts from ” END and moves towards the START “.
This was done to establish several things;

1. another perspective.
2. the need to force the viewer to watch it several times.
3. the hope to keep a sense of neutrality.

Take notice of this. till further post on the matter.

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