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    The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation 

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    the LANDSCAPE of TRUTH(S)? 

    the SOCIETY THROUGH THE EYES OF “the MEDIA” and how ‘public opinion’ is…

    [Insert, adverb-verb / pronoun here, ie: ‘manufactured’.]

    Operation Mockingbird: CIA Manipulation of the Media

    …to the point of complete negligence of the law is what prompted this e-blog. ‘We-the-people’ do NOT think so! Life is too short to be wasted playing someone else’s game. Like a good friend of this writer said, (after realizing the connection of this video and what this blog serves to make clear about ‘identity’ (actor or not), ‘status’ and ‘the law’), game on!


    ” W – A – R – N – I – N – G ! ”

    {These videos are not for the faint of heart or weak of mind. Know your constitution of truth and know the search ‘for questions’ must all be met with neutrality and although this video is sure to connect many pieces of our fragmented minds, it will also terminate an idle belief system in someone else’s image.}


    Accountability is the measure and/or method for the transfer of liabilities into securities. The deficit our society holds is large or even exponential. Perhaps, I will use the terms from the categorization system of the four ‘ethers of consciousness’ and say, physically, emotionally, mentally and astrally, much balance is required to make the transfer of the total deficit ‘We-the-people’ hold on these four levels. ‘We-the-people’ have been confused, tricked, hoodwinked and have allowed for a degradation of our values for a complete “nightmare-in-fraud-of-the-professional-kind”. All the actors involved know who they are.

    A rehabilitation Office in every city (connected to the tax-office) to do three things is certainly needed.

    a). establish a discharging protocol for ‘public-debts’;
    b). rehabilitation office for many public service servants;
    c). establish an educational platform to teach about signature, “money”, contracts and ‘banking’;

    (WHY: because meritocracy and commerce make for a functional economy operated by ‘We-the-people'(as bankers) based on zero-balance accounting.).

    Many people out there know they are responsible and can do more and will do more. Many people out there also know, that ‘they’ will be asked to atone for their acts, and others will certainly meet the law(s).

    Many things must change and they will and for the better. It will take time and the ‘tax office’ and all public servants will do their best to make it happen, by meeting a method to correct this problem at every stage of the way…

    Q. What is a ‘Society’ and how does it hold [im]port[ance] in the eyes of the law?

    A. A society is established by group of people who are bound by a central goal. [i.e: Correcting the fiction-status of the family of men]. This goal can be to uphold the duties of Maritime Law, or any thing under, principle and/or goal. The orientation of the Society is always based on the goals and central Oath. The power of the group as a solitary volition demonstrates that no man is an island. This simple fact about other members who know the Law and whom are working to teach the ‘law'(s), may work to keep the Fiction Courts and their Jurisdiction at a stalemate. The ‘how’ is simple, the Fiction Jurisdiction (of ‘legal person(s)’) can only operate on the account that the ‘masses’ (we-the-people) do not know the ‘real’ truth about the Law of economics, currency and consideration. Knowledge is power and knowledge as a group is a force to be reckoned with. The ‘Society’ creates a type of intrinsic value that through the labour of people or sweat equity (which has no measure on the monetary scale but) issued for the function of the corp(s). Of course it is (the) [im]port[ant] to create your ‘society’ (as you truly want it) through Lawful means by placing the evidence on the public record(s).


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